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Axonius Surpasses 200 Adapters

Posted by Noah Simon
on March 23, 2020

Today, Axonius is proud to announce that we have over 200 adapters. This milestone is notable because adapters provide customers the insight needed to run a successful asset management program. Having over 200 in the platform means that you can get a lot of context out of the box!

What are adapters?

Adapters are pre-built integrations for the Axonius platform. Adapters gather and aggregate data from the Security and IT Management tools customers are already using, which means you can:

  • Create an asset inventory for customers without scanning their network or installing agents on devices
  • Refer to as many sources as possible to understand the current state of an asset
  • Understand whether the asset meets a risk control and adheres to a given security policy or framework

Axonius adapters provide complete context in a centralized view

Adapters are what gives our customers the context they need when looking at any device or user in their environment. As more context is provided for a given asset, you can discern with confidence whether the asset meets your security policy and adheres to specific security frameworks.

The abundance of adapters is also especially useful for incident response. Once teams are alerted to a specific event, they can reference all the data aggregated and normalized through Axonius adapters to understand exactly what happened and when it happened.

For example, a team could cross-reference an IP address from an alert with the Axonius platform to answer core questions to handle incident response. These include:

  • Which users are associated with the device?
  • Are there known vulnerabilities on the device?
  • Is the device missing a control, such as an endpoint protection agent?
  • What is the list of installed software running on the device?
  • Which processes are running on the device?
Adapters in the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform

The sky’s the limit!

While we already have built adapters for some of the most widely used tools for Networking, Endpoint Protection, Identity Access Management, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud Infrastructure – we aren’t stopping there.

The R&D team at Axonius has been adding several adapters each month. Anything we don’t yet have is added to our queue. 

The good news? If you don’t already use Axonius, there’s a good chance we have adapters for most (if not all!) of the IT Management & Security tools your team uses today, so you can get up and running immediately.

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