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    Back to Blog December 20, 2021

    Building Connections: Axonius Engineering-Asset Group Training in Costa Rica

    2021 has been a year of incredible growth for Axonius.

    And as part of our plans to become a scalable global organization, earlier this year we made a strategic decision to recruit software development teams in Brazil — as an extension of our Engineering-Asset Group based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    This marks our first successful expansion of engineering capabilities outside of Israel — a move that brings us one step closer to becoming a truly global company. 

    At Axonius, we don’t let cultural, time zone, or linguistic challenges stop us from achieving success. Keeping in line with this sentiment, we held a two-week hands-on training camp for our new employees from Brazil in late August. Location? Costa Rica.

    We stayed in the amazing Selina Manuel Antonio hotel in Manuel Antonio, which provided us with great accommodation and a cozy workspace.

    IMG_6763-1                  Pictured left to right: Leon  Rodenko, Alexandre Souza, former Axonian Ricardo Meireles, and Eduardo Da Silva.

    What Did We Accomplish?

    We wanted to make this training trip truly impactful.

    I think of Axonius as a family. And having the opportunity to meet with our new colleagues and interacting with them face-to-face made that connection more solid.

    We accomplished so many amazing things during these two weeks. We learned about all the fundamental things an Asset team member needs to know for effective and efficient execution at work.

    We developed, researched, and most importantly, had fun.

    We also had a few goals to achieve with this trip. First, delivering the necessary equipment to our new team members so they could have the best start of work. 

    But the most important thing we wanted to achieve was human interaction. In this age of remote work, having some quality in-person interaction is just priceless — especially when the people we are going to work with are 1,000 miles apart. The two weeks we had were worth two months of Zoom training!

    We had the opportunity to share our cultures and learn about our differences. This, in turn, paved the way for us becoming better team players and friends.

    “We were privileged to recruit and train an amazing team of pioneers who proved to us how great the people in Brazil are,” said Yoed Grizim, director of engineering for the Asset Group at Axonius. 

    “In the coming year, we are going to expand significantly in Brazil by tapping into the country’s tech talent pool. We are looking to hire software developers, team leaders, and managers.” 


                      Pictured left to right: Alexandre Souza, Gene Sexton, and Leon Rodenko.

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