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    Back to Blog July 19, 2023

    Complexity is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

    When we launched our Controlling Complexity campaign 13 months ago, we asked one question: What does Simone Biles have to do with cybersecurity?


    It was a simple question, really. One we had heard countless times in the lead up to the campaign release.

    Why would a cybersecurity vendor want to work with Simone Biles? What could a gymnast possibly have to do with security and IT asset management?

    And most importantly, why the heck would Simone Biles — who could probably partner with any brand in the world — want to work with us?

    What Does Simone Biles Have to Do With Cybersecurity?

    To us, the answer was just as simple as the question itself: no matter who you are or where you come from, complexity is inevitable. It’s innate to human existence. We all experience it.

    Whether you’re the cyber pro witnessing an increasingly complex environment with sophisticated threats and attack tactics. 

    Whether you’re a U.S. Army veteran returning home from Afghanistan and carving out a new career path. 

    Whether you’re a young single mom looking to end a cycle of toxicity and raise your child in a loving, stable environment. 

    Whether you’re a husband and foster dad, up against hard times and taking a leap of faith by joining a new tech startup. 

    Or whether you’re the most decorated gymnast of all time, the youngest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a former foster kid.

    Complexity is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

    No matter your walk of life, complexity is inevitable. What’s optional, though, is growth. We can either face the fire of uncertainty and adversity and forge anew from it — or we can allow it to engulf and overcome us. 

    The former, though, is a conscious choice we have to make.

    Today, I’m proud to launch Growth, the latest iteration of the Axonius campaign, Controlling Complexity, starring Simone Biles.



    For this final chapter, we invited three strangers — Oritse Uku, business information security officer, Tiffanie Joseph, information security project manager, and John Seaman, Axonius employee — to join Simone in writing letters to their younger selves, reflecting back on and offering advice for a complex time in their lives. The group then came together to discuss complexity, adapting through adversity, and the growth that comes from both. 


    As part of this launch, Simone and Axonius are teaming up to invite our followers and supporters to write their own letters to their younger selves using #DearYoungerMe. 

    Our own CEO and co-founder, Dean Sysman, kicked off the effort by writing to his 2017 self. At the time, Dean was choosing whether or not he should leave his successful Y Combinator cybersecurity startup to launch Axonius. 

    Check out Dean’s letter here — and then join us in writing your own! 

    Think back to a time in your life where you had to overcome adversity or face a difficult decision. Then handwrite a letter to yourself during that time period, offering advice and encouragement. How did that situation or time help you grow? 

    Once your letter is complete, snap a picture of it and post it to LinkedIn and/or Instagram using #DearYoungerMe. Don’t forget to tag Axonius (@Axonius on LinkedIn, @AxoniusLife on Instagram)!

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