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    Back to Blog March 30, 2020

    Cybersecurity Cares: Collaborative Community & Resources In The Time of COVID-19

    A couple weeks ago, I wrote the blog post: Things will be weird in cybersecurity for a while. To say that things are weird — and that weirdness is increasing exponentially — is a profoundly naive understatement. Schools are closing, entire countries are on lockdown, and organizations around the globe are telling employees to stay home.

    In the spirit of what Axonius does — gathering data from many different sources, making sense of it, and making it actionable — the blog post included relevant news, resources, and organizations seeking donations to help Axonius customers, employees, and cybersecurity in general adapt to this new reality of work.

    We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback received from our employees and friends, so we took the idea and ran with it. 

    Presenting…, a collaborative community curating resources to help our industry help learn, give, and adapt during the Coronavirus pandemic. The more we contribute to it, the better it will be – so we invite you to sign up and contribute as best you can. 

    Anyone can sign up. Anyone can submit helpful resources:

    • Donate – Nonprofits and charities to donate to
    • Teach – Online resources for parents to reach kids at home
    • Binge – Podcasts, sites, and other ways to be entertained
    • Free Tools – 100% free tools relevant to cybersecurity
    • Online Events – Webinars, online talks, and more
    • Work Remote – Resources to help secure a remote workforce
    • News – News on cybersecurity and the Coronavirus
    • Free Offers – Cybersecurity tools that are currently offered for free

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