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    Dashboards give users an easy way to understand complex information quickly. It's no wonder that every security and IT product takes you to a dashboard as soon as you log in. But creating dashboard charts outside of what's provided by default isn't always simple. 

    That’s why we’re excited to introduce Axonius Dashboard Templates.

    Our customers wanted templates created by experts who knew what was important, what to track, and how to create best-practice reporting so they could realize immediate value.   

    While Axonius has provided several templates in the past, customer feedback was clear that more dashboard templates would help communicate findings and trends to a wider audience. Customers wanted to know what typical vulnerability management, cloud environment, or remote workforce teams were measuring and monitoring to be sure they were on the right track. They wanted immediate insights without waiting for the team to get up to speed enough to create their own dashboards, and they wanted the ability to modify copies of the templates to reflect their unique environment.  

    Announcing Axonius Dashboard Templates

    Axonius now delivers Dashboard Templates to help users get more immediate insights across all of their hardware, software, cloud, vulnerabilities, and user accounts. Dashboard Templates are organized around reporting themes and are built using predefined queries within Axonius. Users can preview Dashboard Templates and quickly implement them to start visualizing and understanding their data.



    How do Axonius Dashboard Templates work? 

    Templates are built for ease of use. Users can select a template to load predefined dashboards, delivering immediate results and helping them make better IT, security, and business decisions. Templates use predefined queries to identify, gather, and group data, revealing best practices in data reporting.  

    Select from recommended templates based on your role, various use cases, or five different predefined categories — 18 unique templates in all. 

    • Visibility and Trends: Detect anomalies and assets known to few sources
    • Vulnerability Management: Get an overview of vulnerability scan coverage, CVE breakdowns, and more
    • Cloud Environment Insights: Track cloud assets and configurations across any and all providers
    • Compliance and Risk: Evaluate software hygiene and IT audit compliance
    • Remote Workforce: Manage remote workforces and collaboration tools

    Axonius Dashboard Templates provide:

    • Shorter time to asset/inventory value
      • Users don’t have to define charts (which is time-consuming to build from scratch). Predefined charts and dashboards let customers get to insights faster.
    • Dashboard Templates illustrate security best practices (from our Axonius experts).
      • Axonius engineering teams have built templates that most organizations want or need to know about and answer questions like, “Where do I start?”, “What do I look for?”, and, “What are the most important data points to capture and monitor?” We’ve done the research, created the templates, and delivered best-practice templates so users can get immediate asset visibility and value.
    • Customization
      • Dashboards are generic but can be edited, customized, and saved based on unique environments or users. Axonius builds the basics and lets customers fine-tune them to suit their needs.
    • A more user-friendly interface
      • Templates enable non-professionals to identify and act on critical asset management and security issues.

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