June 11, 2020

How Extreme Engineering Ensures Cybersecurity Compliance

“If you ask five different people in the organization what we have on the network or how many assets there are, each one of them will pull up a different tool and give a different answer,” explains Adam Pankow, Cybersecurity Administrator at Extreme Engineering Solutions.

Sound familiar? If you’re like the countless cybersecurity professionals we’ve talked to, then yeah — it probably does sound familiar.

Asset management is a massive problem — and it’s only getting worse. And while we’re living through a period of incredible innovation, most teams are still struggling to answer the basics.

It’s a problem Adam and his team knew all too well.

Even though the Extreme Engineering team was spending hours manually tracking various data sources, attempting to get an all-encompassing view of their assets, they still didn’t feel like they understood the full scope of their network. 

They still didn’t have a complete grasp on what was happening on their network. And — because of all that — they weren’t able to detect unauthorized assets or ensure everything was following security protocols.

Until implementing Axonius, that is.

Today, the Extreme Engineering team has countless hours back in their day — and they’re able to ensure cybersecurity compliance across the board.

Read the full story in Axonius’ latest case study, “Extreme Engineering Solutions Ensures Security Compliance Requirements While Reducing Manual Work”.

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