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    For global communications company Poly, creating a comprehensive view of network data and maximizing asset visibility were key priorities.

    But uniting disparate data from various sources within the organization was posing a challenge.

    Each contributor had their own system to collect and store information. But no one had a sweeping view into every asset. 

    The result? 

    “If you don’t know what you have on the network, you’re not managing it — and it’s almost surely vulnerable,” Steve Kjaer, then-chief information security officer at Poly, said.

    Simply put, you can’t manage what you can’t see.

    As Plantronics and Polycom came together to form Poly, it heightened the need to identify systems, ensure they were properly managed, and consolidate platforms. 

    These factors accelerated the need for:

    • Gaining better asset visibility  
    • Understanding how their assets were being managed
    • Investing in a reliable asset management solution
    Maximizing Data, Asset Visibility With Axonius

    Poly conducted a proof of concept to demonstrate the value Axonius could provide.

    Today, the Axonius solution enables the Poly security team to gain a complete view into their network assets and key data systems. This helps the team to track down anomalies and maintain visibility into software installations, endpoints, licensing, and more. 

    The Axonius solution enabled clear visibility into Poly’s vast network of data, which in turn enabled infosec teams to assess gaps in compliance coverage. This ensures assets are being properly managed and fully accounted for, Kjaer said.

    With Axonius, Poly’s infosec team has access to a complete library of system data, giving everyone visibility into network activities. 

    “Axonius has given us the visibility that previously would have required us to take multiple outputs from different sources, correlate them to glean results. Axonius greatly reduced the time we would have spent and increased our accuracy.”

    The solution’s robust capabilities also maximize use cases for Poly.

    “We have it tied with our vulnerability management system so that we can provide some vulnerability scoring for key devices. That’s added another layer of value for us,” he said.

    For Poly, Axonius isn’t necessarily just an asset management tool. It’s a security and vulnerability assessment tool that has helped the team get answers “more quickly and completely,” according to Kjaer. 

    The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management solution allows Poly to:

    • Identify cybersecurity risks and troubleshoot system alerts
    • Find and resolve errors quickly with a clear understanding of what’s happening in their network
    • See who’s taking action and how each impacts network performance and security

    “I would recommend Axonius because I believe in it …. It’s helped us answer some basic questions that are typically difficult to answer,” Kjaer said.

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