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How to Solve Common Challenges of Cybersecurity Asset Management

Posted by Eileen Ann
on January 16, 2020

Security professionals face many challenges when it comes to cybersecurity asset management, from aggregating disparate data sets to establishing real-time visibility in a fluid environment. Emerging technology, such as IoT deployments, and workplace modernization, like BYOD, further complicate this situation. 

We mined our customer database to surface cybersecurity asset management challenges that cut across different industries and company sizes. These real-life scenarios are excellent use cases to dissect and learn from.

The common challenges surfaced during our research include:

  1. Aggregating data from many security tools
  2. Finding unmanaged devices on a network
  3. Real-time inventorying at massive scale
  4. Testing compliance
  5. Doing more with less

The new white paper launching today explores:

  • The 3 trends that are shaping the future of cybersecurity and asset management
  • How to approach solving the top 5 challenges 
  • The 6 steps you can take to successfully manage your company‚Äôs assets

Click the graphic below to download the white paper.

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