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    Today, we’re launching Humans Behind the Hoodie Starring Lenny Zeltser! Read on to learn more about the Humans Behind the Hoodie campaign.

    Human connection — emotional connection — is the underlying motivation for everything we do to build the Axonius brand. 

    Too often, though, we see the exact opposite of emotion in cybersecurity. Mechanical robots. Matrix-style numbers falling from the sky. Military-grade encryption and endpoint protection designed for fending off the bad guys and battling hackers in hoodies.

    It’s just… not accurate to what cybersecurity is really about.

    Cybersecurity is about people. Both the people being protected, and the people doing the protecting.

    The latter is exactly who we’re focusing on in our new campaign, Humans Behind the Hoodie, launching today.


    Why Humans Behind the Hoodie

    I covered a few common stereotypes above — but perhaps the most well-known is that cybersecurity practitioners are all hackers in hoodies, scheming behind the scenes at all hours of the night to disrupt society.

    This preconceived notion takes away from the actual humans working tirelessly to move the industry forward, and the unique experiences that make them who they are. 

    In Humans Behind the Hoodie, we took it as our responsibility to flip the hacker-in-a-hoodie stereotype on its head — and tell real stories from real people in the industry, sharing how cybersecurity plays a significant role in their lives.

    Season 1: Lenny Zeltser

    If you’re in cybersecurity, you’ve probably heard of Lenny Zeltser — but get ready to know him on a deeper level.

    When we were identifying who to feature in Humans Behind the Hoodie, Lenny immediately came to mind. Now CISO at Axonius, Lenny’s also a long-time SANS instructor — and he’s certainly made the rounds throughout his career

    To some, Lenny’s path to CISO could be considered unconventional. This felt like the perfect parallel to Humans Behind the Hoodie and our mission to use the campaign as a vehicle to flip cybersecurity stereotypes on their heads.

    As the focus of Humans Behind the Hoodie: Season 1, Lenny will detail what led him to cybersecurity in the first place — and what keeps him there decades later.

    In Episode 1: Foundation, Lenny shares the early life experiences that formed the foundation for his cybersecurity career. From immigrating to the U.S., to attending the University of Pennsylvania, to getting assigned a project to deploy a firewall, he covers key moments in his past and how they helped him get to where he is today.

    Watch Episode 1: Foundation now — and stay tuned for the remaining episodes of Humans Behind the Hoodie: Season 1!


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