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    Back to Blog June 18, 2020

    Life As A CISO: Q&A with Jeffrey Gardner of Landmark Health

    Every quarter, Axonius CISO and SANS Faculty Fellow Lenny Zeltser sits down for a virtual fireside chat with senior-level security leaders from across the industry.

    On each webinar, Lenny and his featured CISO discuss:

    • Top information security challenges
    • New cybersecurity trends and implications
    • Practical, actionable advice to help CISOs and their counterparts succeed

    In our latest “Life as a CISO” webinar, Lenny chats with Jeffrey Gardner, Senior Director of Information Security at Landmark Health.

    During his chat with Lenny, Jeffrey gives viewers an inside look at what it’s like to manage security for a healthcare organization amidst a global pandemic.

    He shares the measures he’s put in place to adapt to the massive changes that come with an overnight remote work strategy, and his process for making the kind of high-stakes decisions that go hand-in-hand with an adjustment as big as this one.

    “[The transition to remote work] makes us innovate,” Jeffrey explains. “It’s going to force you to get out of your normal comfort zone…”

    “Maybe you have a project on your plate, and you’ll re-look at the options that are out there and go, “I don’t need to buy X. I can do Y with this other tool, and I can save the organization $50K, which we can reinvest somewhere else,’” he went on.

    “It breathes that spirit of innovation that comes when people are hard-pressed… Adversity breeds innovation.”

    “[The transition to remote work] makes us innovate. It breathes that spirit of innovation that comes when people are hard-pressed… Adversity breeds innovation.”

    — Jeffrey Gardner (Senior Director of Information Security, Landmark Health)

    Jeffrey also offers up a first-hand account of what it’s like to dive into the deep-end of a new, highly regulated industry.

    He offers up tips and tricks for managing this kind of transition, and shares the sage advice he received early on in his career that has helped him grow and transform over the years.

    You can access the complete conversation between Jeffrey and Lenny for free. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

    Life As A CISO Webinar


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