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    Our Interview with Simone Biles and Amy Bream at RSAC 2022

    In addition to our interviews with cybersecurity experts at RSAC 2022, Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran sat down with Olympic legend Simone Biles and adaptive CrossFit athlete Amy Bream for a wide-ranging conversation, including submitted questions from friends in the cybersecurity community. 


    A few highlighted questions:

    • How do you maintain consistency day-to-day when it’s so hard to bring the same level of energy and enthusiasm to your work? — Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez, co-founders of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society 
    • Impostor syndrome is so common in cybersecurity. How do you combat that at the highest level? — Rafael Nunez, Security Architect
    • In cloud security and cybersecurity, some projects take a long time. How do you maintain focus on the long term? — Ashish Rajan, co-host, Cloud Security Podcast
    • People in cybersecurity face high-pressure, emotionally intense situations with a lot at stake and may only have one chance to get it right. How do you put yourself in the right state of mind and not be distracted by everything that’s at stake? — Dave Bittner, host, The Cyberwire Podcast
    • Security is a multi-disciplinary craft. It takes a wide range of skill sets, tools, and minds to build a security program that actually works. We have to cross-train to defend. As a Chief Security Officer, I have to enable my team to not only master fundamentals but to also seek out innovation and change and to constantly learn. They have to be at the top of their game. How important is innovation and cross-training at your craft, and how do you push the boundaries to find a better way to perform while still doing the fundamentals that made you great? —Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, Chief Security Officer 

     Be sure to check out the interview, along with all of the videos from RSAC 2022 here

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