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    Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Axonius SaaS Management: a new comprehensive solution that helps security, IT, finance, and risk teams control the complexity, cost, and risk associated with software as a service (SaaS) applications. Designed to mitigate SaaS management challenges, it provides organizations with a single source of truth into their SaaS environments.

    Why Is SaaS Management so Challenging?

    If you got asked right now, would you know the exact number of SaaS applications being used across your company? And if all of those apps are properly configured? What about how much is being spent on SaaS apps and whether that can be optimized? 

    Being able to answer those questions has become more important than ever for security, IT, and business line owners. That’s because businesses rapidly increased SaaS consumption over the last few years — making SaaS management a major concern for IT and security teams.

    The rate of change makes manual approaches to gaining a credible SaaS asset inventory inadequate and leads to increased visibility challenges into both known and unknown SaaS applications. 

    The result? Inability to identify how data flows between apps, manage myriad configurations, and close security gaps, as well as track licensing and spend, across hundreds — sometimes thousands — of SaaS applications within the organization.

    Enter: Axonius SaaS Management

    Axonius SaaS Management delivers a new comprehensive approach to solving emerging SaaS challenges for IT, security, risk, and finance teams with a single source of truth into their SaaS application landscape.

    Axonius SaaS Management lets customers address both the security risk and operational challenges of SaaS asset management via a seamless, non-intrusive deployment that delivers actionable insights from day one. 

    Axonius SaaS Management enables customers to:

    • Gain Actionable Visibility Into Apps, Users, Devices, and Data Flows. By providing a complete inventory of all SaaS apps, data flows, and interconnectivity, Axonius SaaS Management lets IT and security teams gain control over their complex SaaS environment.
    • Assess and Mitigate IT and Security Risks.  Axonius enables discovery and mitigation of various security risks, including misconfiguration issues, suspicious or malicious behavior, and user access management, enhanced by comprehensive compliance tracking.
    • Control and Optimize Costs. Axonius offers centralized SaaS apps cost analysis and licensing management.

    Axonius SaaS Management is the first product delivered by AxoniusX, the company’s innovation-focused business unit that launched in June 2021.

    With our rich history in building and maintaining API integrations with SaaS solutions, Axonius has the expertise and market traction to bring massive value to organizations struggling with the complexity of modern apps and infrastructure.

    Axonius SaaS Management integrates with Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management to provide a comprehensive solution that unifies all digital assets — from SaaS apps to devices, users accounts, cloud assets, and more — so customers can easily and effectively Control Complexity™ across their entire IT environment.

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