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The “Unsexy” Tour is kicking off on September 25th: Let’s Bring Cybersecurity Back to Basics

Posted by Anna Suslova
on August 21, 2019

With many new tools and devices getting added on a regular basis, security teams have to spend more of their time figuring out where and what things are. All while ensuring everything lines up with security policies. The main problem is no longer a lack of information; instead, it’s how fragmented and challenging to understand that information is. This information overload makes it difficult to see how many assets there are in your environment, and more importantly, if these assets are secure.

This problem has been brushed under the rug for far too long, so it’s time to give it the attention it deserves. Axonius is kicking off its first roadshow to show you how the “unsexiest” cybersecurity tool (hint: a**et management) can help make your security teams’ jobs and lives easier. In our presentation, followed by a live demonstration, Lenny Zeltser, VP of Product at Axonius, will cover how to:

  • Answer the questions that are essential to today’s cybersecurity initiative
  • Connect to your existing solutions that know about assets to get the necessary data
  • Correlate the data and understand how everything fits into security policies
  • Use those same systems to automate actions when something doesn’t meet the policies

The “Unsexy” Tour is coming to four cities, starting next month…and we’re just getting started. To sign up for one of the events, you can register below.

09/25/19 – Denver, CO «Register Here»

10/02/19Dallas, TX «Register Here»

10/03/19Atlanta, GA «Register Here»

10/16/19New York City, NY «Register Here»


See for yourself.

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