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    Back to Blog March 14, 2020

    Things Will Be Weird in Cybersecurity for a While

    Resource for the new reality of work for Axonius customers, employees, and cybersecurity in general.

    To say that things are weird – and that weirdness is increasing exponentially – is a profoundly naive understatement. Schools are closing, entire countries are on lockdown, and organizations around the globe are telling employees to stay home.

    We’re hearing from customers that security teams across the globe are now like a NASA control-center during a mission to Mars. They’re supporting people who are far away, in unfamiliar environments, with unknown threats.

    In the spirit of what Axonius does – gathering data from many different sources, making sense of it, and making it actionable – this post is an attempt to bring together information that is useful to our community.

    Cybersecurity News

    Bad actors are (unsurprisingly) using the global pandemic as an opportunity, capitalizing on fear and the desire for information to attack hospitals, spread malware through coronavirus maps, and increasing phishing campaigns. The following sources have the latest stories around cybersecurity and coronavirus:

    Working From Home

    With many organizations around the world mandating work from home, here are a few resources with tips on beefing up cybersecurity for remote workers.

    Learning Something New

    If you’re looking to learn something new while working from home, the following resources can help:

    Keeping the Kids Learning

    For those of us with kids that will be home from school for 2-6 weeks, it’s important to keep them learning (and us sane).

    How Cybersecurity Can Help

    How we can help give back….

    Things are going to be weird in cybersecurity for a while. But we’ll get through it. The cybersecurity community is spectacularly weird, incredibly critical, and absurdly generous and supportive. From vendors to practitioners, analysts to pentesters, it’s a community full of people totally dedicated to keeping us safe. Whether we’re trying to secure data or keep people safe from a pandemic, you can be sure the cybersecurity community will show selfless support.

    Updated on April 1, 2020:

    Introducing Cybersecurity Cares

    Following this blog post, our team asked what could we do to make this bigger and more useful? So we launched a new initiative, Cybersecurity Cares, a resource site and community for security professionals to learn, share, and adapt during the Coronavirus pandemic. Visit now to join the community and access free cybersecurity tools (some that are always available for free and other commercial products/services that currently offered for free during the pandemic), resources for parents teaching kids at home, tips for securing a remote workforce, online events & binge-worthy content, up-to-date news related to cybersecurity & COVID-19, and more.

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