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    The “Unsexy” Tour Recap & 5 Key Cybersecurity Questions to Consider

    One month and four cities later…the “Unsexy Tour” is officially a wrap! Last week was the final event of the first Axonius roadshow which took us to Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York City. In addition to enjoying some delicious food, attendees came away with key questions to consider at their companies regarding cybersecurity and, specifically, asset management.

    Security teams have an incredibly difficult job, yet they still spend time and effort manually trying to understand what assets they have, and whether they adhere to the overall security policy. Our speaker, Lenny Zeltser, CISO at Axonius and Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute, took a “back to basics” approach to cybersecurity, asking attendees to consider how they would answer the following questions:

    1. How many different data sources in your environment have valuable information about assets and know a piece of the asset management puzzle? 
    2. How can you identify endpoints that are either missing an agent or have an agent installed but is not functioning correctly? 
    3. How can you see which cloud instances aren’t being scanned by your vulnerability assessment tools, and how can you make sure those instances are added to the next scheduled scan?
    4. How can you determine if there are unmanaged or “rogue” devices on privileged networks?
    5. In an incident response scenario, how can you find all relevant data about a given asset when the data lives in disparate systems?

    As Lenny mentioned in closing during his talk, modern asset management is the nexus for cybersecurity projects and decisions, letting security teams:

    • Connect to all existing IT and security systems, bridging the gap between siloed data sources
    • Correlate data to create a unique entry for every asset, viewed from several perspectives
    • Remediate gaps and report on progress toward cybersecurity objectives

    If you’d like to learn more about how to answer these questions and tackle asset management with Axonius, you can request a personalized demo here. If you’re not quite ready for a demo, check out our “Demo Before the Demo” overview. 

    And finally, see what our attendees in Denver had to say:

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