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    Back to Blog September 3, 2020

    [Webinar Recap] The Great Debate: Zero Trust

    A few weeks back, we launched The Great Debate. In this 10-part webinar series, two cybersecurity experts go toe-to-toe to debate the merits and pitfalls of some of the hottest topics in our industry today.

    The series is hosted by our own Nathan Burke, Axonius CMO. On every webinar, our two speakers are pitted against one another to debate whether a specific topic should be the number one cybersecurity priority right now. 

    Webinar attendees get the chance to decide whose case is more persuasive, and each speaker earns a $500 donation to the charity of their choice.

    In our first installment of The Great Debate, speakers Dan Watson  (Global Sr. Managing Consultant, Microsoft Security Infrastructure Practice Lead, IBM) and Craig Goodwin (Chief Trust & Risk Officer, Fujitsu) argued the pros and cons of zero trust. The two debated whether zero trust should be the top cybersecurity priority right now — and let’s just say things got interesting.

    "Driving toward something that really is meaningless marketing speak is damaging the InfoSec industry and damaging your organization,” said Goodwin, who opposes zero trust.

    On the flip side, Watson was fully in favor of it, claiming that zero trust should be the top priority for cybersecurity right now.

    “My opponent, Mr. Goodwin, is making it really super easy for me over here,” said Watson, having some fun with the debate-style format of the event. “You have to know what you have, you have to know where it is, and you have to know how you’re defending it,” he elaborated.

    Here’s a quick highlight of The Great Debate: Zero Trust.

    HubSpot Video


    You can access the full debate between Craig Goodwin and Dan Watson now by watching the on-demand replay. 

    And don’t forget to register for the next event  in the series, The Great Debate: Threat Hunting, with Danny Jenkins, CEO & Co-Founder of ThreatLocker, and Sameh Sabry, Solutions Architect at Blackberry Cylance.

    Great Debate Webinar Threat Hunting

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