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    Back to Blog September 23, 2019

    What’s New in Axonius 2.10?

    Today, we released Axonius version 2.10 to customers. Here are some of the highlights we’re excited to share with you.

    1. New Adapters

    We are now integrated with 150 security and management solutions, and we’re constantly adding more with each release. The following are the newest adapters now available in Axonius: 

    1. IcingaAn open-source computer system and network monitoring application that monitors data centers and cloud availability and performance, gives access to data, and raises alerts.
    2. Medigate A medical device security platform that protects connected medical devices on health care provider networks, allowing inventory management and facilitating detection and prevention capabilities.
    3. PacketFence A free open-source network access control (NAC) solution that provides the following features: registration, detection of abnormal network activities, proactive vulnerability scans, isolation of problematic devices, remediation through a captive portal, 802.1X, wireless integration, and User-Agent/DHCP fingerprinting.
    4. Specops Inventory A group policy-based inventory solution that collects and reports information on hardware, software, registry, user settings, operating system, security data, and Active Directory data.

    2. Making Axonius Easier to Use

    We are constantly evolving our product to improve the customer experience. Based on our customer feedback, here are the newest updates we’ve made in this release.

    1. Devices and Users Tables Edit Columns — Customers can now clearly identify available columns and see displayed columns. This simplifies the process of adding or removing columns from the devices screen, saving you time and increasing the accuracy of your CSV exports.
    2. Saving Queries for Predefined Views Customers can now create predefined column templates, making it easier and quicker to build uniform queries.
    3. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) adapterCustomers can now easily identify the Microsoft  Last Used Users AD display name associated with a particular device.

    3. Updated Enforcement Actions

    With Axonius, customers not only have the ability to identify gaps in their security policies, but, most importantly, take the necessary action required to maintain compliance with their policies. Below are the updated Enforcement Actions added in the Axonius 2.10 release. 

    1. Run Linux Shell Command During the investigation of a Linux device, you can now upload and execute on multiple files. 
    2. Enrich User Data with Have I Been Pwned If you have an alternative email suffix, like and, they will now both be searched for in Have I Been Pwned. You can now ensure that neither of your email domains are being compromised.
    3. Send to HTTPS Log System — If you have a log system that requires a username and password, you can take advantage of the Authorization Header field inside of this action. 
    4. Send Slack Message The new Slack update presents customers with the top five devices or users associated with the saved query. You can now take action even quicker on the most critical assets. 


    With that said, we’ve created a video that outlines all that’s new in Axonius 2.10 here:

    Additionally, you can read the full Axonius 2.10 release notes here. We publish all release notes on our documentation site immediately following every release, along with detailed instructions on how to deploy, configure, and get the most out of Axonius.

    And as always, if you’d like to see a custom demo to better understand how Axonius can help your organization solve the asset management challenge, request a demo.

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