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    Back to Blog November 21, 2019

    What’s New in Axonius 2.12?

    This week we released Axonius 2.12 with several enhancements.

    New adapters

    Video: New Adapters in Axonius 2.12
    1. Nutanix AHV – A hypervisor included with the Enterprise Cloud OS. AHV delivers flexible migrations, security hardening, automated data protection and disaster recovery, and analytics.
    2. Preempt – Lets organizations reduce user risk on their attack surface and preempt threats in real-time with conditional access. It continuously analyzes, adapts and responds to threats based on identity, behavior, and risk to resolve insider threats and targeted attacks.

    Updated adapters

    Updated Adapters in Axonius 2.12

    You can read the full details on our Axonius 2.12 release notes page, but some highlights:

    • AWS – Added a “Fetch Information About Lambdas” checkbox to fetch information about AWS Lambdas.
    • CA Service Management – Added a “CA CMDB Asset Lifecycle Status Whitelist” field letting customers specify a CSV of asset lifecycle statuses.
    • G Suite by Google – Renamed the Google Mobile Management adapter as the adapter is no longer limited to mobile management. The adapter now fetches information about users as well.
    • Google Cloud Platform – Enhanced to fetch user assets and their defined roles in addition to device assets.
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) – Added a “Machine Domain Whitelist” field to specify a comma-separated list of domains.
    • Qualys Cloud Platform Added an “Intervals Between Retries in Seconds” field and a “Number of Retries” field.
    • ServiceNow – Added a new “Exclude VMs Tables” checkbox.
    • Tanium – Added a “Fetch Tanium Discover Devices” checkbox.
    • Web Server Information – Added a “Web Server Port” field.

    Dashboard Updates

    Dashboard Updates in Axonius 2.12

    We’ve added a tooltip for the “Fetch Devices” and “Fetch Scanners” discovery phase letting customers identify the fetch status for each adapter that is pending.

    Enforcement Center Updates

    Enforcement Center Updates in Axonius 2.12

    The full details are available in the Axonius 2.12 Release Notes, but some highlights:

    Device and User Tables Interface Updates

    User Interface Updates in Axonius 2.12

    The following enhancements have been made to the Axonius UI in 2.12:

    • First Fetch Time – Added a “First Fetch Time” field to all devices and users, showing a timestamp when Axonius first fetched the asset.
    • “In” Function – Added the ability to query for multiple values in the Query Wizard with a new In function for all field types that support the “Equals” function.

    Reporting Updates

    Reporting Updates in Axonius 2.12.

    In this release, we’ve made updates to Report Email Configuration settings:

    • New “Custom Message” field – Lets customers specify a message that will be added to the report email body (limited to 200 characters)
    • Modified the Email Recurrence Section – Letting customers select the day and time the report will be sent.

    Administrator Settings Interface Updates

    Admin Settings Updates in Axonius 2.12

    Finally, we’ve made two updates to Administrator Settings in Axonius:

    • GUI Settings Tab – Added a new “Default Number of Query Results Displayed per Page” setting, letting customers select the default number of results displayed per page in the Devices and Users screens.
    • Global Settings Tab – Added a “Correlate CSV Adapter Only if Full Hostnames are Equal” setting. If enabled, Axonius only correlates assets from a CSV adapter connection if the full hostname in the CSV matches the full hostname of an asset in Axonius.

    That’s what’s new in this release. You can read the full Axonius 2.12 release notes, as well as all documentation on

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