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    The Axonius team is fresh off our 2022 Global Retreat, held in none-other than Athens, Greece!

    As a remote-first company, we take our in-person time together seriously. 

    Thanks to the Big C, though, we haven’t been able to gather as a global group in two and a half years. But two and a half years ago? We were basically another company.

    Two and a half years ago, right before the world devolved into full-on pandemic mode, 50 Axonians (the entire company at the time!) gathered in Barcelona for three days of bonding. 

    Since then, we’ve added about 450 employees to the Axonius roster (give or take). So as soon as it felt safe enough to do so, we knew it was high time we planned the most epic Global Retreat of all time. 

    And trust me, epic is an understatement.

    The 2022 Axonius Global Retreat was three days of gathering, bonding, adventuring, and inspiration. And while I could try and sum all of it up for you in a blog post, I’m not gonna. Instead, I’m just going to show you.

    So without further ado, check out the below recap video from the 2022 Axonius Global Retreat in Athens, Greece.


    Oh, and by the way. Wanna secure your spot on next year’s invite list? We’re hiring.

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