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    Your (Unofficial) Guide to RSA Conference 2020


    What is the theme for the 2020 RSA Conference?

    RSA Conference Human Element

    With all the new technologies, strategies and artificial intelligence being employed by both security pros and threat actors, one thing remains constant: us. We are the Human Element within cybersecurity. That’s what joins us together. For some of us, it’s a higher calling that brought us to this profession. For others, it’s a gradual realization that the actions we take can affect every aspect of humanity. We’re the ones on the front lines, protecting not just data, but our most vulnerable people and every aspect of our lives—from election hacking to the weaponization of social media. We’re the ones making the hard decisions about privacy, ethics, usability, and responsibility, and how to ensure doors remain open for everyone. The goal of RSA Conference is to help the industry mature while preparing individuals to grow into their roles as defenders of the world. When we recognize that cybersecurity is, fundamentally, about people protecting people, the world becomes a better, more secure place.

    How many years has RSA Conference been held?

    The first RSA Conference was held in 1991 and consisted of just one panel discussion. In the ensuing decades, RSAC has grown into a series of events held around the world, annually attracting approximately 50,000 attendees.

    How many people attend RSAC USA?

    In 2019, over 42,000 cybersecurity professionals from around the world gathered for RSA Conference USA.

    How many vendors are at RSAC USA?

    More than 700 exhibitors fill the North and South Expo, and Early Stage Expo, an innovation space dedicated to promoting up-and-comers in the industry. Explore exhibitors and sponsors.


    RSA Conference Moscone Center map
    Source: RSA Conference

    RSA Conference 2020 will be held at:

    Moscone Center
    747 Howard St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    All sessions, keynotes, and sponsors are held at the Moscone Center, which is split into Moscone North, West, and South.

    Is there a meeting space available at RSA Conference?

    There are various common areas within the Moscone Center that can be used for impromptu and informal meetings.

    Is the Moscone Center ADA compliant?

    It is the Moscone Center’s intention to provide all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities to assist them in attending events held at the center. 

    Is there a lactation room or nursing mother’s room at the Moscone Center?

    Yes, there will be a nursing mother’s room at Moscone. Please reference the Program Guide, Pocket Guide or mobile app for location, or inquire at any of the Info Desks onsite.

    Are translation services available?

    RSA Conference is presented in English only. No translation services are available.

    Innovation Sandbox Contest

    Monday, February 24 at 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
    Moscone Center South, Level 2

    The RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest brings out cybersecurity’s boldest new innovators who have made it their mission to minimize risk. Each year, 10 finalists grab the spotlight for a three-minute pitch while demonstrating groundbreaking security technologies to the broader RSA Conference community.

    Since the start of the contest, the top 10 finalists have collectively seen 48 acquisitions and received $5.2 billion in investments.

    This year’s Innovation Sandbox Context finalists are:

    Axonius RSAC Innovation Sandbox winner

    Axonius won the 2019 RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, and in the months that followed, we signed on Fortune 500 customers, raised a second round of funding, won several other high-profile awards, and doubled the size of our team. We wish this year’s finalists the best of luck!


    The Expo at RSA Conference is where the industry’s leading companies present cutting-edge products and solutions to help you secure your organization. Discuss solutions in depth with exhibitors, participate in hands-on demos, make new contacts and get a sense of where the industry is going.


    Moscone North & South


    Tuesday, February 25, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    Wednesday, February 26, 110:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    Thursday, February 27, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. 


    For a list of all exhibitors, visit this page.

    Floor Plans

    Early Stage Expo

    The Early Stage Expo is an innovation space dedicated to promoting up-and-comers in the industry. With emerging talent at every booth, this is your chance to meet 51 of the industry’s most promising newcomers. Learn about their innovative products and solutions by visiting their kiosks or sitting in on a short demo at the Early Stage Expo briefing center.


    San Francisco Ballroom, Level 2, Moscone South


    Wednesday, February 26 – 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

    Thursday, February 27 – 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 


    For the third straight year, we’ve compiled a list of parties (including ours) for RSA Conference. View the list here.

    Stay Connected


    Follow the RSA Conference on Twitter by following @RSAConference and tweeting with the hashtag #RSAC. Make sure to follow @AxoniusInc on Twitter as we’ll be live tweeting during the event. 

    What to Bring

    1. Business Cards – You’ll inevitably meet people that you’d like to follow-up with. Even in 2020, it’s convenient to hand someone all your contact info. 
    2. Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes – You’ll want to minimize the risk of catching any viruses or the flu. Your fellow conference-goers will thank you for doing so!
    3. A Good Pen – You’ll want to make notes in sessions, and the cheap pens at conferences are notoriously bad. 
    4. Chargers – When you’re in sessions followed by parties, there’s little time to plug in and charge your phone. Power banks are key. 
    5. Headphones – You’ll probably need to make a few phone calls, and the crowd is loud. If you have decent headphones with a microphone, you can drown out a lot of background noise. 
    6. Snacks – Whether it’s due to the time difference, the constant walking, or a combination, it’s likely you’ll be hungry at a time where food is not available. A Quest Bar or some nuts come in very handy! 
    7. Sneakers – Expect to walk a lot, and make sure your feet are taken care of. 
    8. Fitbit/Step Counter – If you count your daily steps, make sure you do that during the show. 

    Visit the ‘Unsexiest’ Booth at RSA Conference

    Stop by Booth 3102 at RSA Conference 2020 to learn how Axonius can help your organization get a credible, comprehensive IT asset inventory, understand the gaps in security coverage, and automatically validate & enforce security policies.

    Our Giveaways

    This year, we’ve decided to switch up our swag, and give away “Instead of Swag” bags with a donation to the Eat. Learn. Play. foundation. Simply pick up the bag at our booth, and we’ll make a $5 donation on your behalf. On Wednesday, February 26, we’ll also be taking part in the Pub Crawl. Be sure to stop by our booth for a drink (or a few), and pick up one of our awesome koozies. 

    Pregame with Us

    We are hosting a happy hour for RSA Conference attendees at our condo suite at the Ritz-Carlton Club on February 26 at 6:00 pm. Join us for 10 minutes or an hour (or as long as you want), to take a load off of your feet and enjoy some snacks and drinks before heading out to the other parties.

    Trainings & Panels

    SANS – Cybersecurity Writing: Hack the Reader – February 23 & 24 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Featuring Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius, Senior Instructor at SANS Institute

    Want to write better? Learn to hack the reader! Discover how to find an opening, break down your readers’ defenses, and capture their attention to deliver your message – even if they’re too busy or indifferent to others’ writing. This unique course, taught by Lenny Zeltser and built exclusively for cybersecurity professionals, will strengthen your writing skills and boost your security career.

    Master the writing secrets that’ll make you stand out in the eyes of your peers, colleagues, managers, and clients. Learn to communicate your insights, requests, and recommendations persuasively and professionally. Make your cybersecurity writing remarkable. 

    Panel Session: Open Source Tools – February 25 @ 11:00 a.m.

    Featuring Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius, Senior Instructor at SANS Institute

    This informative discussion explores security ramifications and implications of open source tools as well as what needs to be done differently. Have questions about open source issues? Bring them to this interactive panel where Open Source leaders engage the audience to discuss the state of the industry and some of the most pressing issues from release strategies and processes to code maintenance.

    Moderator: Ed Moyle, Partner at SecurityCurve


    • Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius & Senior Instructor at SANS Institute
    •  Inigo Merino, CEO of Cienaga
    • Kelley Misata, CEO of Sightline Security
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