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    In the face of enormous complexity, the best not only find a way to adapt to challenges.

    Growing up, Amy never thought she’d be an athlete. Over the years, she’s learned that you can still be and do whatever you want — you might just have to adapt how you get there.

    That’s a huge reason why Amy chose to feature Alex Morgan and her family in this video. Alex’s mom, Anna, initially reached out to Amy looking for advice and support back when Alex was five years old, before she had her leg amputated. Remembering how impactful it would’ve been to have a role model as a kid, Amy replied instantly. The rest is history.

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    The power of giving back 1 (1) (1)

    If there’s one word to describe the Morgan family, it’s complex. Complex because of Alex’s medical condition, but also complex because the Morgans have nine other children, including foster kids. They’ve started Bridge Family Ministries, a ministry dedicated to providing support and services to the foster care community — showcasing the true power of giving back when life causes you to adapt.

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    Adaptation enables control 1 (1)

    The skills required to control today's complexities aren't the same skills you needed two years ago — and they certainly aren't the same skills you'll need in the future.

    In a world that’s constantly evolving, the most successful cybersecurity practitioners know they have to adapt to challenges as they arise — just like Amy does.

    Adapt to change.
    Harness complexity.

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    IT and cybersecurity are always evolving. Axonius is here to help you adapt to the demands of your modern environment.

    Axonius provides an always up-to-date asset inventory, uncovers gaps, and automates action — giving you the solid foundation you need to stay dynamic in the face of complexity.


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