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    Cybersecurity Asset Management for Healthcare and Hospitals.

    Discover all devices — managed and unmanaged — to protect personal and medical data.

    Asset Management Challenge

    Modern hospitals now average 10-15 connected devices per patient bed. The rise in devices paired with strict regulations around cybersecurity and personal health information security create a complex environment for healthcare security teams.

    Axonius delivers agencies a real-time cybersecurity asset management platform that unifies data from existing tools to:

    • Unify all assets — including connected medical devices and traditional devices — to get a comprehensive, credible asset inventory
    • Ensure user authentication tools are deployed and configured properly
    • Track and report security coverage metrics for all assets
    • Automatically enforce security policies and accelerate incident response investigations
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    HIPAA Compliance Starts with Asset Management Asset management is critical for healthcare organizations to demonstrate compliance to the HIPAA Security Rule. Healthcare organizations must have reliable, up-to-date asset inventories so they can understand where ePHI is stored, maintained, received, or transmitted. But historically, security and IT teams haven’t been able to rely on their asset inventories because they’re often outdated and don’t have detailed device information.

    Axonius helps healthcare providers identify unmanaged devices, apply missing security controls, and track associated users with devices by providing healthcare providers with agentless asset discovery.
    Landmark Health Solves Compliance Challenges and Software License Inconsistencies Landmark Health was challenged with manually validating that solutions were deployed appropriately for compliance and software license management.

    Axonius enabled Landmark Health to increase their security posture while eliminating manual, time-consuming audits. Landmark automated their policy validation, ensuring each device meets compliance requirements.
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