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    The IT environment of educational institutions is unlike any other. As more schools embrace learning technology like SMART boards, tablets, and other IoT devices, they simultaneously expand their attack surface. Yet, many districts and universities don’t have the budget to allocate enough resources towards adequate cybersecurity solutions, keeping educational institutions digitally vulnerable.


    Totally heterogeneous environments, constantly changing user bases, and limited device visibility are just a few of the problems that IT leaders face in the education sector. Protecting schools and universities against cyber incidents is a challenge, but a solution like Axonius can help.

    Axonius is a single, unified platform that becomes the system of record for your entire digital infrastructure and unifies data across buildings and campuses. The platform gives you comprehensive visibility of all assets — devices, users, software, SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, and operational technology (OT) — helping you understand their security state, and providing a way to enforce remediation actions quickly and easily.


    Changing user base: Students change “departments” every summer. Imagine being a CISO at a company with thousands of employees that experience 100% turnover annually, with zero budget, and very few of the employees care about keeping their devices secure.

    Heterogeneous environments: Assets may be dispersed across different offices, campuses, or even student or employee homes. IT and security leaders are responsible for securing student laptops, lab machines, research data, IoT devices, servers, and cloud computing systems. They’re also tasked with managing a massive mix of BYOD policies, third-party licenses, and data that ranges from homework to highly sensitive R&D to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

    Digital transformation: With rapid digital transformation taking place in educational institutions across the country, the probability of incorrectly configuring cloud access permissions and settings increases.

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