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    Cybersecurity Asset Management for Retail Companies.

    Secure company and customer data by managing cyber asset attack surfaces..


    Asset management is  foundational for retailers  to protect customer data and comply with regulations — including PCI DSS.

    Why AM Fails for Industry Page

    Traditional IT asset management fails for cybersecurity. This is especially true for retailers and wholesalers, which are shifting to digital commerce more than ever before — meaning IT and security teams are pressured to protect payment and customer data. The shift to digital commerce drives more IoT device adoption to streamline fulfillment and inventory management.

    Axonius delivers cyber asset attack surface management that correlates data from existing tools to:

    • Unify all assets — including IoT cloud assets
    • Continuously surface changes for all assets and alert to security coverage gaps and risks
    • Automatically enforce security policies and accelerate incident response investigations
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    PCI Compliance Starts With Asset Management The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an important standard protecting payment card information online. PCI DSS requirements establish important baselines for companies that store, process, or transmit cardholder data.

    Axonius helps retailers evaluate PCI compliance by correlating data about all assets, ensuring devices subject to PCI regulations adhere to security policies.

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    Measure Key Cybersecurity Metrics for Retailers Measuring the results of cybersecurity initiatives can be tricky. How do you gauge the impact of an incident you avoided? Retail security teams looking to improve their security posture can use a few key metrics.

    The right security metrics will be quantifiable, easy to obtain, accurate, and useful for managing resources. Discover the security metrics that can help you measure your organization’s progress.

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    Axonius controls complexity in today’s cybersecurity landscape, helping retail companies answer their most important questions:

    • How many devices do we have?
    • Where do we have security coverage gaps?
    • Are all our VMs and cloud instances secure?
    • Which unmanaged devices are connected to privileged networks?
      many devices do we have?

    Axonius connects to your existing agents to answer these and other questions in minutes.

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    Asset management solved for cybersecurity. See the Axonius platform for yourself.