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    Axonius helps retail and hospitality organizations unify and clarify asset data collected from technology ecosystems. Through an extensive network of adapters, an advanced correlation engine, and deep-dive vulnerability management capabilities, the Axonius Platform is the only solution that gives distributed organizations the asset visibility and control they need. 


    Retail and hospitality organizations rely on internet-connected systems to delight and serve customers. Over the last decade, the number of customer-facing assets has skyrocketed, making it easy for consumers to buy goods and services online, book a vacation, pay bills, update personal information, and more.

    On the backend, these organizations have improved business functions by deploying digital systems that facilitate warehouse operations, shipping, and supply chain reliability. Though digital transformation creates new opportunities and increased revenue, it also introduces security risks — including identification and lifecycle management of all assets. From customer portals to kiosks, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and ecommerce platforms, the retail and hospitality industry needs a single source of asset truth.


    Volumes of sensitive data: Retailers and hospitality brands collect, process, and store large amounts of sensitive customer data to streamline transactions and provide top-notch experiences. The data repositories that house sensitive data — which may be ubiquitous across the industry — are goldmines for cyber criminals. One exploited vulnerability in hotel booking software, for instance, could result in multiple large-scale breaches.

    Device vulnerability: Many technologies used to power retail and hospitality operations are IoT devices, meaning they were not developed with security in mind. Consumers may use insecure personal devices to transact with these systems, exposing attack paths into sensitive systems.

    Supply chain fragility: Retail and hospitality organizations rely on a long trail of suppliers and partners to run their businesses smoothly. With so many potential points of vulnerability, companies have to know the security state of their assets — but doing so is time consuming and error-prone, especially when manual processes are used or data collected is siloed and disparate.

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