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    Connected assets and new innovations continuously emerge within the financial services sector. To remain competitive, financial services companies, including banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and more, must understand and manage their threat exposure. The Axonius Platform empowers financial organizations to see and manage all assets and the threat landscape.  


    Increasing network scope and complexity are rampant in the financial services sector. Between the sensitivity of the data financial institutions (FIs) collect, process, and store, to the ways in which employees, partners, and consumers access data, FIs are challenged to fully understand the cyber asset attack surface. 

    Between BYOD, work-from-anywhere, increased SaaS consumption, and an increase of IoT and unmanaged devices in financial environments, FIs must have a trustworthy source to show what assets are communicating on and with their networks. FIs also need to determine if assets contain vulnerabilities or pose risks, and find ways of mitigating asset-based threats. Using the largest network of adapters, the Axonius Platform gives FIs a comprehensive and fully correlated solution for understanding and managing asset-related cyber risk.


    Integrity of financial data and records: By its very nature, financial information is sensitive, private, and privileged. Most of this information is siloed and protected with varying degrees of control. FIs must be able to identify all data locations, access controls to those systems, relationships between data repositories, and vulnerabilities that could lead to compromise. 

    Fraud, impersonation, and stolen identity: Cyber criminals target privileged users in financial organizations in order to gain unauthorized system access and commit fraud, impersonation, or steal identities for financial gain. Security control blind spots must be eliminated using cyber asset management and vulnerability mitigation.

    System availability: Outages or disruptions to banking systems can be catastrophic. FIs need to holistically understand all the assets in their digital ecosystems, along with asset-related data, that will help prevent unexpected disruption, intrusions, or data loss. 

    A growing number of connected devices: ATMs, customer service kiosks, physical security devices, and other non-traditional hardware and software used for financial services can’t always be seen or protected with traditional IT security tooling, leaving gaps in coverage and introducing cyber risk.  

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