Manufacturers depend on asset uptime. See how Axonius helps manufacturing customers manage and protect the IT and IoT assets they rely on.

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    Axonius for Manufacturing

    How Manufacturers Control Asset Complexity

    Traditional IT asset management fails for cybersecurity. This is especially true for manufacturers, with IT, OT, and IoT assets residing on different networks. Tracking and securing assets and users across disparate environments is particularly difficult.

    asset data

    Unify All Your Asset Data

    Axonius unifies and correlates data from all your IT and OT devices, mobile devices, cloud instances, ephemeral devices, and more for comprehensive visibility over a complex environment.

    evaluate compliance

    Evaluate Compliance Adherence

    With comprehensive visibility into asset security, Axonius evaluates compliance with security policies, regulations, and guidelines such as the CIS controls.

    security tool coverage

    Verify Security Tool Coverage

    Axonius tracks coverage of endpoint tools, vulnerability scanners, and other security tools to be sure they are updated and covering all your assets.

    security policy enforcement

    Automate Enforcement

    Put response actions on autopilot to automatically address assets that don’t adhere to your security policies.


    What Manufacturers Can Achieve With Axonius

    Axonius helps manufacturing IT and security teams gain the visibility they need to take charge of their modern complex environments.


    Axonius enabled clarity with regards to asset management, assurance of coverage, and the discovery of previously unknown correlations.

    Mark Priess, Cybersecurity and Incident Response Director, Wacom

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    Axonius has given us visibility that previously would have required us to take multiple outputs from different sources, correlate them to glean a result. Axonius greatly reduced the time we would have spent and increased our accuracy.

    Steve Kjaer, CISO, Poly

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    Axonius is a cybersecurity cornerstone.

    Director, Security Operations and Engineering in the Manufacturing Industry

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