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    Strengthen Manufacturing Cybersecurity
    with Real-Time Asset Management.

    Ensure security controls are applied to all devices, cloud instances, and user accounts to minimize cyber risk.

    Between medical devices, electrical components, or robotics, manufacturers rely on more networked devices to optimize operations and logistics. With a variety of regulations looming or in place, manufacturers are more frequently conducting risk assessments and audits to ensure security controls are in place.

    Yet it’s difficult for many manufacturers to get real-time information about the state of all assets, including unmanaged IoT devices and cloud assets. Without knowing the state of any asset of any given time, it is very difficult to complete audits, report security metrics, and strengthen security posture.

    The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform helps manufacturers: 

    • Identify all IT assets — including unmanaged IoT devices that frequently enter and leave internal networks
    • Unify cloud assets across all major providers to identify misconfigurations and policy lapses
    • Automatically tag devices when they meet certain criteria (i.e. region, functional owner, or data processed)
    • Provide a single source of truth for any device to help IT and helpdesk teams resolve issues

    How Axonius Helps

    The sheer excitement my team feels to have visibility into what’s in our environment and to have it all in one location — take a look at Axonius.

    Mark Priess | Cybersecurity & Incident Response Director, Wacom

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    Asset management solved for cybersecurity. See the Axonius platform for yourself.