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    Traditional IT asset management often falls short in the realm of cybersecurity, a challenge that is particularly pronounced for manufacturers with IT, OT, and IIoT assets operating across diverse networks. However, the Axonius Platform is here to change the game. It empowers manufacturers to effectively track and secure their assets and users, even in the most complex and disparate environments. With Axonius, manufacturers can bring all their assets together in a single, comprehensive view, providing a powerful tool for comprehensive visibility and security.


    Manufacturers are increasingly adopting IP-enabled devices to enhance operational efficiency and automate production. However, this digital transformation also brings with it a heightened level of complexity and the potential for cyber attacks. The task of correlating IT and OT asset data can be both time-consuming and error-prone, further exacerbating the cybersecurity challenge.

    Many of today’s methods to discover and manage assets don’t work for OT systems. IT and security teams often can’t apply agent-based or scanning-based tools to continuously discover assets, or they’ll risk interfering with the devices. Axonius solves this problem through its comprehensive adapter network, a collection of pre-built integrations with a wide range of IT and OT systems, protocols, and devices. This network allows manufacturers to gain unified visibility into all IT and OT assets, adding rich context, and helping operators detect and remediate assets missing controls or violating policies.  


    Supply chain threats: Manufacturers rely on a highly interconnected network of technologies — internally and with supplier networks. In addition, the number of vulnerable endpoints in manufacturing environments makes them rich targets for cyber criminals. Since endpoint agents can’t be installed on every manufacturing device, operators are left with blind spots, areas in their network where they have limited or no visibility. Without a reliable way to understand how one compromised device impacts the entire ecosystem, manufacturers are sitting ducks.

    Equipment tampering: Nation-state actors look for the largest targets to make the biggest statement. Tampering with manufacturing equipment is a sure way to achieve the desired goal. As more manufacturing assets become IP connected, threat actors look for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that offer the most direct path to operational disruption. 

    IP Theft: Attackers know that a manufacturer’s “secret sauce” is its intellectual property (IP). Due to distributed workforces, extensive supply chains, and difficult-to-secure technology, manufacturing assets are highly vulnerable to phishing, ransomware, and unauthorized access.

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