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    Cybersecurity Asset Management for Manufacturing Companies.

    Minimize cyber risk by ensuring security controls are applied to all devices, cloud instances, and users accounts..


     Manufacturers  depend on asset uptime. Cyber asset attack surface management helps protect the IT and IoT assets they rely on.

    Why AM Fails for Industry Page

    Traditional IT asset management fails for cybersecurity. This is especially true for manufacturers, with IT, OT, and IoT assets residing on different networks. Tracking and securing assets and users across disparate environments is particularly difficult. 

    Axonius delivers cyber asset attack surface management that correlates data from existing tools to:

    • Unify all assets — including IT and IoT assets — to get a comprehensive, credible asset inventory
    • Ensure security tools are deployed and configured properly
    • Track and report security coverage metrics for all assets
    • Automatically enforce security policies and accelerate incident response investigations
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    CIS Controls Compliance The rise of connected ICS, IoT devices, and cloud computing makes it hard to account for all devices (whether on-premise, virtual, or in the cloud). CIS Controls v8 starts with inventoring and controling enterprise and software assets, laying the foundation to secure all assets.

    Axonius helps manufacturers gain comprehensive asset visibility and ensure security policy compliance by providing utilities with agentless asset discovery.

    Overcoming OT and ICS Discovery Challenges
    Wacom Achieves Asset Management Clarity With Axonius Wacom, the leading global manufacturer of pen tablets for creative users, encountered significant asset visibility gaps. Historically, their cybersecurity operations team depended on a single scanning system that wasn’t connected to all the necessary identity management systems.

    With Axonius, the Wacom cybersecurity team retrieves asset and user information from all their core systems, and any other system that they’ve worked with — no matter how small. Wacom uses Axonius to validate compliance and coverage, detect rogue devices, and discover previously unknown correlations.

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    See Axonius in Action 

    Axonius controls complexity in today’s cybersecurity landscape, helping manufacturing organizations answer their most important questions:

    • How many devices do we have?
    • Where do we have security coverage gaps?
    • Are all our VMs and cloud instances secure?
    • Which unmanaged devices are connected to privileged networks?
      many devices do we have?

    Axonius connects to your existing agents to answer these and other questions in minutes.

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    Asset management solved for cybersecurity. See the Axonius platform for yourself.