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    Strengthen Tech Provider Cybersecurity
    with Real-Time Asset Management.

    Unify all assets — cloud, IoT, OT, and IT — to protect
    your network and services.

    Tech companies are on the cutting-edge of implementing new and emerging technologies to operate more efficiently. This can be seen as organizations speed up SaaS adoption, collect new IT/OT assets and solutions, and embrace IoT technologies to drive business transformation. While this shift can help boost business efficiency, it also makes IT environments more complex. Paired with an expanding attack surface, this also increases risk for the organization and its customers.

    Relying on so many technologies makes it difficult to identify all company assets, and understand which assets are managed, compliant, and secured. This is why cybersecurity asset management is more critical for technology companies than ever before.

    The first step in identifying cyber risk is knowing your assets. What assets do you have? Where are those assets located? Are they secure? The challenge is that many technology companies have incomplete or outdated asset inventory lists. Where do you even start?

    The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform helps technology companies:

    How Axonius Helps

    We were able to quickly identify any device that didn’t adhere to our policy and were able to turn on alerts to know any time a device or user fell out of compliance.

    Guy Flechter | CISO, AppsFlyer

    Axonius is different from other solutions that we looked at. One, the technology was so simple to use and simple to implement. And second, the level of customer service is outstanding.

    Jason Loomis | CISO, Mindbody

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    Asset management solved for cybersecurity. See the Axonius platform for yourself.