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    The Axonius Platform gives IT and security teams at technology companies the confidence to control complexity™ by providing a system of record for all digital infrastructure. With a comprehensive understanding of all assets and the context between them, customers can mitigate threats, navigate risk, decrease incident response time, and inform business-level strategy — all while eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.


    Technology companies are early adopters of new and emerging solutions that allow their organizations to operate more efficiently. They were some of the first to adopt cloud and mobile, and now, we’re seeing them speed up SaaS adoption, deploy a greater number of IT/OT assets, and embrace tools like generative AI and intelligent automation. Digital transformation may boost business efficiency — but it also creates complexity in IT environments and increases the cyber attack surface.

    Threat exposure management is key for fast-moving organizations — but tech companies are often hyper focused on product innovation and delivery, leaving security measures behind. Speed and sales trump security, so employees are permitted to use all the resources they can to get the job done. This means the number of assets in tech companies’ environments — and the accompanying vulnerabilities — multiply and change minute-to-minute. Without a way to understand their exposure, IT and security teams have no way to understand the intersection of assets, security controls, and the business-level context that matters.


    The software development lifecycle: Software and technology companies are on the forefront of innovation — which means speedy software development lifecycles. But bugs and vulnerabilities can be missed if proper and continuous testing doesn’t or can’t occur. And the rampant use of open source software means that a flaw in one line of code could impact an entire industry. 

    Hiring challenges: Tech workers are in high demand. Eighty-five million jobs could go unfilled by 2030 because there aren’t enough people to fill them, according to a recent report. As a result, well-resourced companies lure (or poach) top employees, creating a constant flow of people coming and going. Open positions and lack of consistency create people and process vulnerabilities.

    SaaS explosion: The overwhelming number of SaaS applications in business environments creates complexity. IT and security teams must manage, optimize, and secure the usage, spend, configuration, access, and data sharing of a constantly evolving SaaS environment. And the rate of change makes manual approaches to gaining a credible SaaS inventory inadequate and leads to increased exposure.

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