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    Agent Health


    Don’t rely on missing or unhealthy agents to secure your attack surface. Agents aren’t always deployed everywhere they’re supposed to be. Without an accurate asset inventory, devices get overlooked and operate without agent coverage. Even when an agent is present, it doesn’t mean it’s working properly to find security gaps or misconfigurations. The Axonius Platform automates, tracks, and enforces actions to ensure agent coverage and performance so you don’t have to.

    Missing or Malfunctioning Agents

    Agents only work when you deploy them — but what if they’re missing or malfunctioning? With so many agent-based tools deployed, organizations need a way to automatically and accurately identify all agents and blind spots. Axonius provides asset visibility, whether or not an agent is present. By looking from various system points of view, Axonius can see where agents are deployed, missing, or malfunctioning.

    Siloed Tools and Disparate Data

    Most organizations gather asset data from different vendor tools that don’t share a common language — making it difficult to deconflict. Axonius connects to hundreds of security and management tools using pre-engineered API adapter connections. By aggregating, normalizing, deduplicating, and correlating data from as many sources as possible, Axonius delivers greater dimensionality and accuracy to an automated asset inventory — without another cumbersome agent to deploy.

    Track Agent Health

    Agents have become a cornerstone of security programs, providing visibility into what’s happening inside network environments — but they can be tampered with, disabled, or become corrupted. Axonius identifies devices with endpoint agents that haven’t communicated back to management consoles, indicating their agents may be broken or disabled, and allows you to fix problems before they become security incidents.


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