Strengthen Energy Cybersecurity
with Real-Time Asset Management.

Identify security gaps across all critical cyber assets.

Over the last few years, the adoption of smart devices and cloud computing has spiked for energy companies. At the same time, a lot of energy and resource infrastructure still runs on old legacy systems.

The balance of old and new means that methods to discover and manage assets aren’t uniform. This makes identifying all devices, understanding everything on a device, and applying missing security controls challenging for security and risk teams. 

The NERC Standard CIP-002 R3 requires that responsible entities develop a list of Critical Cyber Assets (like control systems, data acquisition systems, networking equipment, and hardware platforms running virtual machines) essential to the operation of the Bulk Electric System. Axonius helps energy and resource companies adhere to NERC requirements and drastically reduce the time needed to satisfy audits by:

  • Identifying all assets — including assets that are air-gapped on segmented networks — with agentless discovery
  • Finding unmanaged devices, including cloud assets known to internal networks but not managed from a security perspective
  • Automatically tagging devices when they meet certain criteria (i.e. region, functional owner, data processed)
  • Providing correlated, rich data on devices and users to accelerate incident response investigations

How Axonius Helps

We realized that we had to find our assets quicker, and that we needed a unified, single source of truth to correlate and view our assets.

Director of Enterprise IT Global Security | Global Energy Management Company

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