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    Cybersecurity Asset Management for Energy and Utility Companies.

    Protect critical infrastructure and systems with comprehensive device discovery..


     Critical infrastructure operators  need comprehensive asset visibility
    to comply with regulations and secure operating environments.

    Why AM Fails for Industry Page

    Traditional IT asset management fails for cybersecurity. This is especially true for energy companies that need to secure OT assets and networks in addition to IT assets. Electric utilities are now spending over $60 billion dollars annually on rolling out new “smart grid” infrastructure. And as OT spend increases, so too is a serious spike in cyber attacks on critical infrastructure operators — most notably  the Colonial Pipeline attack. 

    Axonius delivers cyber asset attack surface management that correlates data from existing tools to:

    • Unify all assets to get a comprehensive, credible asset inventory
    • Ensure security tools are deployed and configured properly
    • Track and report security coverage metrics for all assets
    • Automatically enforce security policies and accelerate incident response investigations
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    NERC Compliance Starts With Asset Management The NERC Standard CIP-002 R3 requires responsible entities to develop a list of Critical Cyber Assets (like control systems, data acquisition systems, networking equipment, and hardware platforms running virtual machines) essential to the electric grid’s operation. Axonius helps operators gain visibility into the assets that run their infrastructure, plus ensure security policy compliance, by providing utilities with agentless asset discovery.

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    Global Energy Company Manages Complex Environment One Axonius customer, a global energy management company, had challenges tracking the over 500,000 assets on their networks. The security team realized its CMDB and other tools didn’t have the speed and extensiveness needed for asset discovery and management.By connecting the Axonius platform, the security team cut asset discovery time by nearly 90% while improving their overall security program. Consolidating information into Axonius let the team to marry network data with management tools, helping them understand and improve existing security tools.

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    Axonius controls  complexity in today’s  cybersecurity landscape, helping energy and utility companies answer their most important questions:

    • How many devices do we have?
    • Where do we have security coverage gaps?
    • Are all our VMs and cloud instances secure?
    • Which unmanaged devices are connected to privileged networks?
      many devices do we have?

    Axonius connects to your existing agents to answer these and other questions in minutes.

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