Axonius correlates data from your existing security and management solutions to provide an always up-to-date asset inventory, uncover gaps, and automate response actions.

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    Axonius for Energy and Utility Companies

    How Energy and Utility Companies Control Asset Complexity

    Traditional IT asset management fails for cybersecurity. This is especially true for energy companies that need to secure OT assets and networks in addition to IT assets. Electric utility companies now spend over $60 billion dollars annually on new “smart grid” infrastructure. And as OT spend increases, so do cyber attacks on critical infrastructure operators. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Axonius provides a comprehensive view into all assets and whether they’re secured and managed, giving you the confidence to control complexity.

    asset visibility

    Unify All Your Asset Data

    Axonius collects and correlates data from hundreds of sources to provide comprehensive visibility into a complex environment.

    Evaluate Compliance Adherence

    Compliance Validation

    With Axonius, automatically evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements like NERC CIP.

    Security Controls Validation

    Continuous Controls Validation

    Axonius automates controls validation to ensure all security and management solutions are properly deployed.

    security policy enforcement

    Automated Policy Enforcement

    Axonius allows you to automate response actions to instantly address assets that don’t adhere to security policies.

    Axonius for your company

    What Utility, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy Companies Can Achieve With Axonius

    Want to manage and secure all assets at your energy and utility company with confidence? The right platform is in reach. Turn to Axonius to get comprehensive, actionable asset visibility — and so much more — in just minutes.


    Axonius has become a pretty critical piece of our whole ecosystem.

    Director of Enterprise IT Global Security, Energy Management Company

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