Strengthen Public Sector Cybersecurity
with Real-Time Asset Management.

Safeguard mission objectives through better identification and management of all IT assets.

Public sector organizations following FISMA and NIST guidelines understand the importance of managing typical hardware assets, as well as cloud assets and users in their IT environment. The very first category of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework is asset management, falling under the core Identify pillar.

However, asset management has become very challenging for U.S. public sector organizations. Many organizations are using dozens of tools to secure devices, but they have trouble verifying that they are deployed everywhere and working correctly. And with the adoption of cloud computing, getting a truly accurate inventory that includes cloud assets has become problematic.

The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform helps public sector organizations:

  • Unify all assets — including cloud assets and unmanaged IoT devices — without needing to scan networks or install agents
  • Easily report and track security coverage and compliance for all assets
  • Ensure agency and organization users are enrolled in access management, multifactor authentication, and other security platforms
  • Automatically enforce security policies and notify teams when assets fall out of compliance

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Chris Wyman Sales Director, Department of Defense
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