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    Cloud Asset Management

    What is Cloud Asset Management?

    Cloud asset management (CAM) refers to the practice of tracking and managing any resource that contributes to the delivery of cloud services.

    Examples of Cloud Assets

    Examples of cloud assets include virtual or physical servers, virtual or physical data storage, and software licenses.

    Why is Cloud Asset Management difficult to manage?

    Cloud asset management is more difficult to manage than physical asset management because cloud assets are:

    • Intangible
    • Nearly unlimited in scale
    • Prone to change frequently
    • Not always centrally located
    • Deployed very quickly
    • Difficult to monitor without specialized tools

    Security implications for Cloud Asset Management

    Cybersecurity asset management is based on the idea that addressing security issues requires identifying and closing security gaps. And that’s only possible if  an organization has a comprehensive asset inventory. The dynamic nature of cloud assets makes this challenging. But Axonius can help.