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    IT Asset Management Platform

    What is an IT Asset Management Platform?

    An IT asset management platform is a software application intended to help automate the storage and collection of data around a business’s IT assets. Automating the discovery, recording, and capture of critical information around IT assets is a key component of being able to gather a comprehensive, always up-to-date inventory — and ensure that all assets remain secure.

    What are important features to look for in an IT Asset Management Platform?

    Like other databases that support an enterprise’s awareness of the assets in their inventory (and their associated potential cybersecurity risks), there are key things to think about when selecting an IT asset management platform provider. 

    Ideally, it should have automation that provides real-time tracking and monitoring of IT assets. This is important in the event of a cyber attack. If the team has to update or maintain the asset management database manually, it’s always likely to be erroneous or out of date. 

    An IT asset management platform should include IT assets, IoT devices, mobile devices, and cloud assets, not just the on-premises hardware. A comprehensive view is critical for cybersecurity. 

    There should also be robust reporting. Not just around lifecycle management, but also patch management, integrations, and alerts.