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    What are SaaS user roles and permissions?

    SaaS user roles and permissions refer to the levels of access and permissions that SaaS users have within SaaS applications. They are based on the user's job function or responsibilities, and are used to control what actions the user can perform within the SaaS application.

    SaaS user roles and permissions are typically managed by IT, IAM, and/or security teams, and may include different levels of access and permissions based on the user's role.

    Common SaaS user roles and permissions may include:

    • Administrator: has full access to all features and settings within the SaaS application, including the ability to add and manage other users, configure settings, and access sensitive data.
    • Regular User: has basic access to the SaaS application, such as the ability to view, create, and edit data within the application.
    • Guest User: has limited access to the SaaS application, such as the ability to view specific data or collaborate with other users, but may not be able to create or edit data.

    Why are SaaS user roles and permissions important?

    As SaaS adoption continues to rise, controlling who’s granted access to which applications becomes increasingly important. Identity and access controls make up a large percentage of settings that security teams need to manage. SaaS users may have admin rights or excessive privileges, which pose data security risks, including insider threats.

    Effective management of SaaS user roles and permissions is critical for ensuring the security, compliance, and governance of SaaS applications.

    To ensure efficient SaaS user management in SaaS applications, organizations leverage dedicated SaaS management solutions. The solutions help discover all SaaS applications, including sanctioned, unsanctioned, shadow, and unmanaged apps, identify SaaS users, uncover security risks and suspicious user behavior, or inform SaaS cost optimization and spend.

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