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    Security Visibility

    What is Security Visibility?

    Security visibility is the ability for an organization to have a clear understanding of its IT security posture and the activity within its networks. This includes continuous monitoring and analyzing the security status of their systems and networks, as well as identifying any potential threats or vulnerabilities. Security visibility is essential in order to ensure the security and integrity of an organization’s data and networks.

    Why is security visibility important?

    Security visibility is important because it allows organizations to quickly identify any security threats or risks that may exist in their networks. By having visibility into their networks, organizations can detect and mitigate threats in a timely manner, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents. Additionally, security visibility helps organizations to understand their security posture and better prepare for future threats.

    What is visibility in cloud security?

    Visibility in cloud security is the ability of an organization to monitor and analyze its cloud environment for security threats. It involves using cloud security tools and solutions to collect and analyze data from the cloud environment, such as logs, events, and user activities. This data can then be used to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to take proactive measures to address them.