Technically Divided: Episode 1

    Cybersecurity: Do We Have a Skills Gap?


    This week, the cybersecurity skill gap goes head-to-head with Hacker Valley! We invite founder and CEO of CyberSN and Secure Diversity’s Deidre Diamond, hacker and S&P Global Ratings BISO Alyssa Miller, and CSO Hall of Fame inductee and Orca Security Advisory CISO, Andy Ellis, to weigh in on a controversy dominating discussions around tech hiring and skill training. Referred to as the “skills gap”, we examine the possibilities of the concept that there are not enough trained individuals in the current cybersecurity industry.  

    Along the way, our guests help us answer trending questions like: Where are we seeing a tech skill gaps? Are we experiencing a cybersecurity workforce shortage? Is the great resignation impacting tech careers? Is this a tech shortage myth or a sign of mismanagement?

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    Check out the magic that happens when Axonius and the powerful Amy Bream unite! 

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