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    Approaches to Asset Discovery.

    To get a comprehensive and credible asset inventory, you can’t just rely on one or two data sources. Instead, you need to aggregate, correlate, and normalize asset data from numerous sources. Only then can you get a confident, credible view into any asset. Learn how cybersecurity asset management differs from traditional asset discovery approaches below.

    Compare Asset Discovery Approaches

    Network Access Control (NAC) solutions can give valuable insight into networked devices, but there are limitations around asset discovery and challenges that prevent them from providing a comprehensive asset inventory. Learn More
    Scanning tools can provide insight into the devices they cover, but are limited in asset discovery capabilities and often miss devices that are remote, cloud-based, ephemeral, and outside the scan schedule. Learn More
    Since IT and endpoint security agents are ubiquitous on laptops and desktops, they can provide excellent visibility and data about those devices on which they are installed, but know nothing where they aren’t. Learn More
    IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) products are useful to maintain basic asset inventory data, but lack sufficiently accurate, contextual, and timely data required by security teams. Learn More

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