Global Survey: Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021

IT and cybersecurity pros on how the shift to remote work impacted complexity
and post-pandemic priorities.

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The Pandemics Impact on Cybersecurity

Last year’s overnight shift to remote work drove rapid changes in security and IT priorities — resulting in more challenges than ever before. Now, as teams prep for a post-pandemic “new normal”, IT and security teams are facing fresh obstacles.

Axonius partnered with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) for a global survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals to explore how the pandemic impacted IT complexity, and what security initiatives teams are prioritizing post-pandemic.

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Download “Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021: How the Rapid Shift to Remote Work Impacted IT Complexity and Post-pandemic Security Priorities” now to explore the full survey report. You’ll learn:

  • The past year’s impact on priorities for security and IT teams
  • What cybersecurity complexities have been added to existing policy, infrastructure, and operational challenges
  • How security teams are preparing for employees to return to the office for the first time in over a year
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