Global Survey: Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021

IT and cybersecurity pros on how the shift to remote work impacted complexity and post-pandemic priorities.

Last year’s overnight shift to remote work drove rapid changes in security and IT priorities — resulting in more challenges than ever before. Now, as teams prep for a post-pandemic “new normal”, IT and security teams are facing fresh obstacles.

Axonius recently partnered with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to explore how last year’s rapid shift to remote work impacted IT complexity and reshaped cybersecurity priorities.

To better understand the pandemic's impact on IT complexity, the resulting visibility challenges, and changes in post-pandemic priorities, we put together a suite of content — including:

  • [REPORT] Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021: How the Rapid Shift to Remote Work Impacted IT Complexity and Post-pandemic Security Priorities
  • [ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] New Research Reveals Post-Pandemic IT and Security Challenges
  • [BLOG] Report: The Pandemic's Impact on IT Complexity, Security Priorities
  • [BLOG] Report: 4 Key Factors Driving IT Complexity
  • [VIDEO] How the Rapid Shift to Remote Work Impacted IT Complexity & Post-Pandemic Security Priorities

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