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    Why Customers Made Axonius Cybersecurity’s Newest Unicorn

    You don’t get to be the fastest growing cybersecurity company in history because of how much money you raise.

    The Cybersecurity Asset Management Challenge

    Axonius solves one of the biggest and most fundamental problems IT and security teams face today: asset management for cybersecurity. We often say that time is the enemy of cybersecurity, as the time spent discovering assets, ensuring adherence to security policies, and manually fixing issues is time that could be spent on anything more strategic. 

    The Solution

    Axonius solves the problem with a radically different approach: by connecting to the data sources that know about assets (devices, cloud services, and users) Axonius collects and correlates asset data to give customers exactly 3 things:

    1. A comprehensive, always up-to-date asset inventory
    2. Queries to uncover security gaps
    3. Automated actions to validate and enforce security policies

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    We have found Axonius invaluable in helping us tie together and tap into our existing sources of asset inventory data within our environment and helping us to paint a more clear and complete picture of our environment. As a security organization, the automation that Axonius applies to this problem for us – freeing up precious human resources in the process—has been a literal force multiplier.

    Nick McNulty | Director of Vulnerability Management, ETS Shared Security Services at John Hancock, a division of Manulife Financial Corporation